Spell Check in MS Excel

Your can check the spelling of text in your Excel worksheet. Custom words can also be added to dictionary.
How to Spell Check Text in MS Excel Worksheet
Let's learn with Example
>> Select and open the worksheet in which your want to check the spellings. 
>> Click Review Tab and then click Spelling.
>> Spelling Dialog Box will appear.
>> Select suggestion and click Change to correct the Text.
Likewise, click Change to correct all the text mistakes one by one.
Result will be 
All Text is Corrected :)
>> If you want to Ignore the Wrong Text, click Ignore once.
>> If you want to Ignore all the Text mistakes in worksheet, click Ignore All.

>> If you want to Add the word to your custom dictionary, Click Add to Dictionary.

How to Edit Spell Check Options
Let's learn with Example
>> Click Options.
>> Excel Options Dialog Box will appear.
Your can Edit as your want. Click ok. 
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