Print in MS Excel

In MS Excel, entire or partial worksheet can be printed. 
## Before starting with the steps you may need to keep in mind that the formatting, such as cell colours, text colors looks good on the screen but when it gets printed, it might not look same. This does not mean you will not have a good print. You just have to follow simple things and you will get a nice hard copy. Here we learn how to print a worksheet and how to change print settings in MS Excel.

How to Print a Worksheet

Let's learn with Example
>> Select the Worksheet you want to print. On the MS Office Tab or File tab, click Print.
>> Click print preview.
>> you can adjust the settings for next page , previous page and margins. To show and adjust the Margins check the ‘show margins’
>> Click on Page Setup to enter the Page settings.
>> Click Ok when you are done.
>> To Print the Worksheet, Click the Print Icon. (Ctrl+p is the shortcut to print command)
>> The Print Dialog Box will appear 

>> If You Want to Print the Active Worksheet, click ok.

Let's learn the Other Settings of Print Dialog Box: 

  • You can print entire workbook.
  • You can print the selection in the worksheet.
  • You can print multiple copies of selection or active worksheets or workbook.
  • You can also select the print range like from page 2 to 3 or page 1 to 4 etc.

How to Print Selection in the worksheet

Let's learn with Example:
To print selection take following steps
>> Firstly, select the range of cells you want to print.
>> Click print
>> Print Dialog Box will appear
>> Click Selection in print what Settings.
>> Click OK to Print the Selection.

How to Print Multiple Copies

Let's learn with Example:
To print multiple copies take following steps.
>> In the print settings, select the number of copies you want to print.
>> If one copy have multiple pages, you can check on collate checkbox.
>> Collate checkbox will switch between Collated and Uncollated. 
>> For example, if you print 5 copies
  • Collate checkbox will first the print the entire 1 copy, then the entire 2 copy and so on .

  • Uncollated checkbox will first print 5 copies of page 1, then 5 copies of page 2 and so on.
Click OK to print when all settings are done.

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