Templates in MS Excel

A template is a predesigned excel worksheet which already have predefined Formatting and Formulas. Template can be used to create new worksheet with the say layout
Let's learn How to Create a New Worksheet with a Template
How to Use Existing Templates
There are many free templates which are already available. To create a worksheet based on an existing template, take following steps.
For Example :
>> On the MS office tab, or File Tab click New.
>> Click Installed templates. 
>> You can look that there are already predefined sheets. choose anyone you want. 
>> we have selected expense report here.
>> click create and the result will be

How to Create your own Template

You can create your own template and store it. You can later use it to create new worksheets.
Let's learn with simple steps.
>> Create a New Excel Worksheet. On the MS Excel Tab or File Tab, click Save As
>> Select a File name. & Select Excel Template (*.xltx) from the drop-down list.
It will look As 
>> Excel will automatically save this in Templates folder. You can trace the location below save as
>> Click Save.
How to Create worksheet based personalised template
Let's learn with simple steps
>> On the MS Office Tab or File Tab, click New.
>> Select My Templates. Click Diet Chart
>> click ok 
Result will be
Excel will create the new worksheet Diet Chart1.xlsx based on this template.
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