Mark Workbook as Final in MS Excel

Mark Workbook as Final in MS indicates that this is the Final Workbook. When a workbook is marked as Final, the status of document is set to Final.
How to Mark Workbook as Final in MS Excel
Let's learn with Example

>> Open a Workbook You want to mark as Final.

>> Click MS Office Tab or File Tab and then Click Prepare.
>> Click Mark as Final.
>> Click OK and your Workbook will be Marked As Final.
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Let's see with Example
Now, no user can insert, delete, rename, move, copy, hide or unhide worksheets anymore. :
And Also, Click on Any Cell, No User can Cut, paste, or Edit the cell.
** The Status in Document Properties will now be shown As Final.
** The Mark as Final is not a security feature. Anyone who receives the copy of a file that has been marked as final can edit that file by removing the Mark as Final status from the file.
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