Protect Workbook in MS Excel

By Protecting a workbook, you can prevent users from Inserting, Modifying, Moving, Copying, Deleting, Renaming, Hiding and Unhiding sheets in the workbook.
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How to Protect Workbook in MS Excel
Let's learn with Example
>> Select and open the workbook you want to Protect.
>> Click Review tab and then Click Protect Workbook.
>> Click Protect Structure and Windows
>> Check Structure, enter a password and then click OK.
>> Re-Enter password and click OK.
Your Excel Workbook is now protected.
>> Users cannot Insert, Modify, Move, Copy, Delete, Rename, Hide and Unhide sheets in the workbook.
Let's see with Example
Users cannot insert, delete, rename, move, copy, hide or unhide worksheets anymore.
To Unprotect the Workbook, Click Protect Workbook & Enter the Password you entered for Protecting the Workbook.
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