Read Only Workbook in MS Excel

When many users have access to the workbook, it's important to prevent unauthorized changes. This can be done by making the Workbook Read-Only. Any kind of changes can only be made only by entering a password.
How to Make Read-Only Workbook in MS Excel
Let's learn with Example
>> Open and Select the Workbook You want to make Read-Only.
>> Click MS Office Tab or File Tab and then Click Save As.
>> Save As Dialog Box will Appear.
>> Click on the Tools button and click General Options.
>> General Options Dialog Box will appear.
>> In the Password to modify Box, Enter Password , Check Read-Only Recommend and Click OK.
** If you want users to open the Excel file as read-only, without protecting it, don't enter password and check Read-only recommended.
>> Re-Enter Password & Click OK.
>> Enter File Name & Click Save.
Your workbook is read-only now. 

Let's see with Example
Now , when you will open the workbook, it will display :
>> Enter Password used for Password to Modify Box above & Click Ok.

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