Series of JVM and Garbage Collection (GC) in java - Best explanations ever with exclusive summary section

JVM and Garbage collection are most important topics in core java, so I have ensured that I cover these topics in detail to give you indepth knowledge. If you are left with any doubt after reading please share your comments.

What is JVM >

Garbage collection in java>


Different type of garbage collectors in java>

>Serial collector / Serial GC (Garbage collector) in java

>Throughput GC (Garbage collector) or Parallel collector in java

>Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) collector / concurrent low pause garbage collector in java

>G1 garbage collector / Garbage first collector in java

>PS Scavenge and PS MarkSweep

Different between garbage collectors in java>

>Difference between Serial GC vs Throughput GC (Garbage collector) in java

JVM in detail - Garbage collection & heap structure >

>JVM Heap memory (Hotspot heap structure) with diagram in java

Young, Old (tenured) and Permanent Generation >

>What are Young, Old (tenured) and Permanent Generation in JVM in java

Minor, Major and Full garbage collection >

>What are Minor, Major and Full garbage collection in JVM in java

Important VM parameters >

>Most important and frequently used VM (JVM) PARAMETERS with examples in JVM Heap memory in java

>What are -Xms and -Xmx JVM parameters in java, And differences between them with examples

>-Xmn JVM parameters in java with examples - Setting young generation size

>What is -XX:NewRatio JVM parameters in java with examples - Setting young and old generation ratio

>What are -XX:NewSize and -XX:MaxNewSize JVM parameters in java

>-XX:SurvivorRatio JVM parameters in java with examples - Setting survivor spaces size

>-XX:+AggressiveHeap VM parameters

>What are -XX:PermSize and -XX:MaxPermSize JVM parameters with examples in java | Differences

>Solve java.lang.OutOfMemoryError : unable to create new native Thread - Xss JVM option

More VM parameters >

>How to use -verbose:gc VM argument

>-Xverify option in java

Setting appropriate values of xmx and xms to avoid - Error occurred during initialization of VM >

>Error occurred during initialization of VM - Too small initial heap

>There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue. Native memory allocation (malloc) failed to allocate 1048576 bytes for AllocateHeap

Eclipse and VM parameters >

>What is eclipse.ini file? How to pass vmargs to java program in eclipse? Changing the eclipse setting, What are best eclipse setting?

Monitor, analyze garbage collection and fix MEMORY LEAK >

>How to monitor and analyze the garbage collection in 10 ways in java

>Detecting and fixing memory leak in java

TOOLS for Monitoring garbage collection >

>How to use -verbose:gc VM argument

>How to use Jstat for monitoring the garbage collection in java

>What is vmid - and how to find it using JPS

>How to use JHAT to analyze the heat dump - Using jmap as well

>How to generate Heap dump when OutOfMemoryError is thrown in java?

Default garbage collector in java >

>What is default garbage collector for Java 7, 8 and 9

Apache tomcat server,outOfMemory and Garbage collection in java >

>How to set or change permgen size in tomcat server, eclipse?

>How to set, change, increase or decrease heap size in tomcat server and eclipse to avoid OutOfMemoryError ?

>How to pass VM argument to tomcat in eclipse

Pass VM para through CMD, eclipse to java program and to Apache tomcat >

>How to write java program to pass VM/JVM parameters through CMD

>How to pass vmArgs(JVM parameters) to java program in eclipse

>How to pass VM argument to tomcat in eclipse

Few more garbage collection and JVM related tutorials>

What is Java Native Interface(JNI)

Find which garbage collector you are using through cmd and java program

Is it good practice to call System.gc() in Java?

Why warning - ignoring option PermSize?

Few interesting garbage collection facts >

Static variables are not garbage collected?

Few important java programs related to garbage >

Find out total number of available processors to JVM

Find Total Amount Of Memory In JVM

Find Free Memory Available In Java virtual machine

Find Maximum Memory That JVM can use

How to terminate JVM in java

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