Data validation in MS Excel

Data Validation in MS Excel is used to ensure that the data entered is reasonable. And a user enters only the particular value.
For example, Class 1 & Class 2 school students should be aged between 6 to 8. By using data Validation feature , worksheet can be programmed to accept numbers between 6 and 8 only.

How to Create Data Validation Rule

Let's Learn with Example
To create the Data Validation rule, take following steps.
>> Select cell C2.
>> On the Data tab, Click Data Validation.

>> when you click Data validation, Dialog box will appear.
>> On the Settings tab select as following example
  • In the Allow List, Click Whole Number
  • In the Data List, Click Between
>> Enter the Minimum and Maximum values.
>> On the Input Message tab select as following example:
  • Check 'Show input message when cell is selected'.
  • Enter a title.
  • Enter an input message.
Let's move on to Error Alert Tab, If users ignore the input message and enter a number that is not valid, you can show them an error alert.
>> On the Error Alert tab select as following example:
  • Check 'Show error alert after invalid data is entered'.
  • Enter a title and an error message.

Click Ok and see the Data Validation Result

Excel will automatically start showing the data validation.
Now let's Check with an Example
Try to enter a number higher than 8. You will not be able to enter.
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