Lock Cells in MS Excel

By Lock Cell Feature in the MS Excel, you can protect the Locked cells from being edited. Locked cells can be Unlocked any time by the user who initially locked the cells.
** Some Important Points before we start with Lock Cells.
  • Locking cells does not work until you protect the worksheet.
  • When you protect the worksheet, all the cells are locked.
  • So, If you want to lock any cell, you have to first unlock all cells and then lock cells
  • Now Protect the sheet.
How to Lock Cells in MS Excel
Let's learn with Example
>> Let's Lock the Cells of Service Code Here. For Example, we will lock E2.
>> Select all cells by clicking at top corner on left side.
>> Right click and then click Format Cells.
>> Format Cells Dialog Box will appear.
>> Click Protection tab, Uncheck the Locked Checkbox and click OK.

>> Select and Right click cell E2 and Click Format Cells. On the Protection tab, check the Locked checkbox and click OK.
>> Now Protect the Worksheet. (Protect Worksheet in MS Excel.)
Your Cell E2 is now Locked. Users cannot Edit the cell anymore.
Let's see with Example
Try to Edit Cell E2 , you will get the Dialog Box as 
To edit cell E2, First, unprotect the sheet.
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