Comments in MS Excel

Comments in MS Excel 

Comment in excel is used to add an additional note or give feedback about the content of a cell.

How to Insert Comment in Excel

To insert a comment, take following steps.
>> Firstly , Select a cell.
>> Right click.
>> click Insert Comment.
>> Type the comment. Example, here we will add a comment about no. of students in class 1 section A. i.e cell B2
>> Have a look
** when you insert comment in a cell, a red triangle is displayed in the upper-right corner of the cell.
>> To exit, click outside the comment box.

How to Edit Comment

To edit a comment
>> Select the cell with comment you want to edit.  
>> Right click, and then click Edit Comment.
>> Edit the comment.

How to delete a comment
>> To delete a comment, First right click on comment cell and click Delete Comment.
The comment will be deleted. The result will be:

How to Show/Hide Comment

To keep a comment visible every time take following steps.
>> Select cell with the comment, right click, select show/hide option
>> If you want comments to be visible all the time, click Show All Comments.
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