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>What is MongoDB - A quick introduction to database

>Difference in MongoDB and RDBMS - What are Database, collection, document and field in MongoDB

>Install and connect to MongoDB on windows

>Create new database in mongoDB

>See list of all databases in MongoDb, switch database

>Drop database in mongoDB

>Create new collection(table) in mongoDB

>See list of all collections (tables) in database in MongoDb

>How to Drop collection in MongoDB

>CRUD operations in MongoDB

>Query (read/ display/ find/ search/ select) documents in collection in mongoDB

>Insert in collection(table) in mongoDB

>Update documents in collection in mongoDB

>Delete documents in collection (table) in mongoDB

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>Data Modelling in MongoDB - Multiple tables

>Aggregation functions (group by) in MongoDB

>How to Delete all documents from collection in MongoDB

Relationship in MongoDB

1 - 1 Relationship in MongoDB - One to One

1 - Many Relationship in MongoDB - One to Many

Many - 1 relationship in MongoDB - Many to One

Many-Many relationship in MongoDB

Important >

>Transaction management in MongoDB - How to achieve like ACID transactions in RDBMS

>Database Model reference - DBRefs in MongoDB

>$type aggregation operator in MongoDB - To display type of the field in document

>objectId in MongoDB

>analyze our mongoDB queries using explain() method

>findAndModify() method - Query and Update document atomically in MongoDB

>Map-Reduce function in MongoDB

>What are Capped collection in MongoDB

>regex (regular expression) in MongoDB

>Insert/ Put list of values in array in existing document/record in MongoDB

>How to retrieve only specific element from an array in MongoDB

>How to get MongoDB help

>UI tool for mongoDB - Installing and using RoboMongo tutorial

>Get names of all keys in collection in MongoDB

>How to add new field in document in collection in MongoDb

>Rename database in mongoDB

>Rename collection in MongoDB

>Replication in MongoDb - Its advantage - What is replica set

>Sharding in MongoDb - In just 5 minutes

>How to create backup of MongoDB - Backup and restore - In 1 minute

>Monitoring MongoDB statistics - understanding mongostat command

Few more knowledge on MongoDB >

>using HAVING clause like sql in MongoDB

>Alter in MongoDB - Add or remove column in collection - using updateMany and $set

>Covered query in MongoDB

>ifnull - Print message not found rather than null if field is null in MongoDB

>How to use IF ELSE in MongoDB

>Working with DATES in mongoDB - Inserting date (current and custom) and querying it

>Solved : detected unclean shutdown mongod.lock is not empty


>Indexing in mongoDB in detail

>Create index on multiple fields(compound index) in collection in MongoDB

>Drop index on fields in collection in MongoDB

>Creating indexes (Multikey index) and compound indexes on array in MongoDB - And its Limitations

>Text indexes in MongoDB - Creating, query and dropping text index

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MongoDB java tutorial - with full programs

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