Difference between Externalizable and Serialization interface in java

Now, let's figure out difference between SERIALIZABLE and EXTERNALIZABLE >

It is a marker interface it doesn’t have any method.
It’s not a marker interface.
It has method’s called writeExternal() and readExternal()
Default Serialization process
YES, Serializable provides its own default serialization process, we just need to implement Serializable interface.
NO, we need to override writeExternal() and readExternal() for serialization process to happen.
Customize serialization process
We can customize default serialization process by defining following methods in our class >readObject() and writeObject()  
Note: We are not overriding these methods, we are defining them in our class.
Serialization process is completely customized
We need to override Externalizable interface’s writeExternal() and readExternal() methods.
Control over Serialization
It provides less control over Serialization as it’s not mandatory to define readObject() and writeObject() methods.
Externalizable provides you great control over serialization process as it is important to override  writeExternal() and readExternal() methods.
Constructor call during deSerialization
Constructor is not called during deSerialization.
Constructor is called during deSerialization.

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