5 keyword in java exception handling - try catch finally throw throws

There 5 exception handling keyword, which you will come across very frequently.

5 keyword in java exception handling
  • try - Any exception occurring in try block is catched by catch block.

  • catch - catch block is always followed by try block.

  • finally finally block can can only exist if try or try-catch block is there, finally block can’t be used alone in java.
Features of finally >
  • finally block is always executed irrespective of exception is thrown or not.
    • finally is keyword in java.
    • finally block is optional in java, we may use it or not.
finally block is not executed in following scenarios >
  • finally is not executed when System.exit is called.
  • if in case JVM crashes because of some java.util.Error.

  • throws throws is written in method’s definition to indicate that method can throw exception.


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