What is JDK (Java Development Kit)

JDK (Java Development Kit)
As the name suggests, JDK is required for java development.
You need to have JDK in your system for >
  • developing,
  • compiling and
  • running Java programs.
In short  JDK = JRE + JVM.

JDK diagram >

More about JDK >
  • Java Compiler - Java compiler is javac tool located in /bin folder of the directory in which JDK is installed. The javac compiles .java file into .class (bytecode) files.
    • There are 2 ways of using javac command >
      • For compiling one file
      • For compiling more than one files >
Enter name of all java files in a file (separated by blank or line breaks(next line) ).  Then enter javac @ fileName
Example -
Let’s say we have three java files  

Enter name of  name of all java files in a MyFile separated by blank.

E:\MyFile will look like this >
E:\MyClass1.java  E:\MyClass2.java  E:\MyClass3.java


E:\>javac @MyFile


  • Java Disassembler - javap command disassembles class files. output depends on option used with command.
If no option is used than, javap prints out
  • package,
  • protected and public fields/methods of the classes passed to it.

  • Java Documentation - javadoc contains information about class and methods.

  • Java Debugger -  jdb is debugger for Java classes.

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