JDBC - Connection class in java

In this tutorial we will learn What is Connection class in java JDBC.

  • Connection class is found in java.sql package in java JDBC.
  • java.sql.Connection helps in establishing connection/session with database in java JDBC.
  • java.sql.Connection extends java.lang.AutoCloseable interface from which java 7
  • Important methods of java.sql.Connection class in java JDBC >
    • Database information related methods of java.sql.Connection class in java JDBC >-
      • getMetaData - Method returns DatabaseMetaData. DatabaseMetaData can be used to obtain information about the database as a whole.
    • Transaction related methods of java.sql.Connection class in java JDBC >
      • setAutoCommit(boolean autoCommit) = for setting autocommit mode of transactions in java JDBC
      • commit() - method can be used to commit the transactions in java JDBC.
      • rollback() - method can be used to rollback the transactions in java JDBC.
      • close() - It closes the connection
    • Statement related methods of java.sql.Connection class in java JDBC >
      • createStatement()
      • prepareStatement(String sql)

Connection class - Example/ Full program to connect to Oracle database using Type 4 driver - java JDBC program >

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.DriverManager;
import java.sql.SQLException;
/** Copyright (c), AnkitMittal JavaMadeSoEasy.com */
public class ConnectionClassExample {
   public static void main(String... arg) {
          Connection con =null;
          try {
                 // registering Oracle driver class
                 // getting connection
                 con = DriverManager.getConnection(
                              "ankit", "Oracle123");
                 // Test connection is null or not
                 if (con != null)
                       System.out.println("Connection established successfully!");
                       System.out.println("No Connection!");
          } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
          } catch (SQLException e) {
                 try {
                       if(con!=null) con.close(); // close connection
                 } catch (SQLException e) {
Connection established successfully!

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So, In this tutorial we learned about what is java.sql.Connection class in java.

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