Map hierarchy in java - Detailed - HashMap, Hashtable, ConcurrentHashMap, LinkedHashMap, TreeMap, ConcurrentSkipListMap, IdentityHashMap, WeakHashMap, EnumMap classes

In this Collection framework tutorial we will learn Map hierarchy in java in detail.

java.util.Map interface doesn’t extends java.util.Collection interface like List and Set in java

java.util.HashMap, java.util.Hashtable, java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap, java.util.LinkedHashMap, java.util.TreeMap, java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentSkipListMap, java.util.IdentityHashMap, java.util.WeakHashMap, java.util.EnumMap classes implements java.util.Map interface.

Also some abstract classes like java.util.Dictionary and java.util.AbstractMap have been mentioned in hierarchy.

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